CCAC runs Industrial Manufacturing Technician apprenticeships on Turbine

Tue. Jul 12, 2022 - by Josh Studl

Community College of Allegheny County Workforce will run their Industrial Manufacturing Technician apprenticeships on Turbine. The 12 apprentices are from great regional companies: Impact Guard and McConway & Torley, LLC and it’s an honor to work with them. The IMT is ~18mo program w/ 264 hours of coursework and 2,736 hours of on-the-job training. Turbine will deliver the courses and automate other admin, record keeping that will save thousands of hours of time for all involved! (scoop: an announcement on our #apprenticeship features suite will be made in Aug.)

Apprentices will take CCAC’s MEC 100 & 102 courses on Turbine and upon completion are able to stand for the Certified Production Technician (CPT) Certificate from the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSA).

Includes modules in: Safety, Quality, Mfg Processes and Production, Maintenance Awareness

We appreciate the comment of support from Dr. Justin Starr, who is the professor of Mechatronics and Advanced Manufacturing at CCAC, and a great champion of Turbine and has been administering the MEC courses on Turbine for more than a year.

You can read the IMT course work here.