Turbine-VEX Robotics Partnership to Deliver Higher OJT ROI for Employers

Sun. Apr 30, 2023 - by Josh Studl

VEX Robotics provides educational robotics as a platform to drive STEAM education.

VEX Robotics have revolutionized STEM education with products that are effective, accessible, and affordable. The VEX brand is renowned and known worldwide. If you’ve not heard of it, chances are your kids or your younger workers have.

Beyond the products, VEX provides a supportive ecosystem of teaching tools, curriculum, professional development, and competitions. The result is a total package K-12 continuum that supports teacher STEAM capacity building, fosters dynamic, hands-on learning, and scales STEAM education across schools and districts.

And VEX does so in a way that excites and invigorates learners of all ages, and educators across disciplines. VEX Robotics is one of our earliest, if not, our first, partners and customers.

So we are especially pumped and proud to lean further into this relationship and support the VEX community with the full range of the Turbine platform.

This collaboration focuses on bringing employer-driven job skilling, on-the-job training, and registered apprenticeships into the VEX ecosystem.

Why should employers work with VEX?

Well, after all, the millions of students who learn and compete on the continuum of VEX educational robots are the current and future employees of these companies – and likely the most technically skilled ones on the payroll.

Employers that can integrate the VEX continuum into their OJT, hands-on learning, and upskilling will have more hands-on, engaging, and thus, more effective job training. These employers will generate higher training ROI when these experienced VEXers act as peer instructors and mentors. Now that’s powerful!

A Turbine-VEX combo presents a very compelling proposition for workforce development saddled with old ideas, registered apprenticeships with boring RTI, and employers seeking higher yield on-the-job training (OJT) and employee retention.