Why so Low Employer Participation and Repeat Business Customers Rate?

Sat. Aug 28, 2021 - by Josh Studl

Among the best qualities of the people and institutions working in the workforce development space is the willingness to improve. Sure, it’s helpful to be that way when the Department of Labor more or less mandates it (and appropriately so). But nonetheless, the vast majority of the workforce practitioners who I’ve spoken with are generally open to new ideas and methods to improve local delivery, measurement and reporting.

I was going through the WIOA Adult Performance Report PY 2019 and two figures that seem very low jumped out at me for the Wagner‐Peyser Performance Report. The New Deal era Wagner-Payser Act established public employment services offices throughout the country to connect job-seekers with employers seeking new hires. I’m curious about the two points found on page 9 of this DOL report:

Why such low repeat rate for business customers at an already low penetration rate? No doubt a lot going on on the ground that is not reflected in the data but I speculate there is like a breakdown of process and tactics to ‘renew the business’. At some level, employers are not getting a good product for their investment of time and resources to participate in the services. It stirs me to talk with people more to identify Turbine automations for administrative and reporting requirements that can reduce workload and time sink for employers to participate in workforce development programs.

I welcome anyone to reach out and chat about it, or offer ideas on features that would make their jobs easier.