CTE & Community Colleges

Deliever a modern web experience students expect. Align to employer skill needs. Put more of your students in jobs.

Community colleges are constantly being asked to do more with less. And those managing community-facing course portfolios and the non-credit side get squeezed further. The rush to online instruction forced just about everyone to become technology managers and implementers - an impossible task for many!

Turbine simplifies everything about delivering web-based or hybrid instruction and provides a complete system that integrates into existing workflows. The results are enjoyed in the form of less time spent on arduous administrative tasks and better student outcomes.

Turbine also enables community colleges to launch new revenue streams that align with their missions.

Turbine delivers on user expectations of a modern web experience, and enables students to acquire, prove skills gained and earn credentials, certificates and associate degrees faster and more cost effectively.

While a return to in-person instruction is welcomed by most, the institutions that seamlessly enable remote, online student participation are markedly better positioned for the long-term.

Turbine enables regional employers to be more directly involved in the development of curricula, skill assessments and job training - the supply side of job skills. The students of Career & Technical Centers, high schools and community colleges benefit from purposeful and persistent employer involvement.

  • 1

    Invite Employer to Customize a Profile for a Job or Occupation

  • 2

    Employer Selects to Skills, Knowledge and Credentials required to perform the job.

    Employer Saves the Profile to Your Turbine Account.
  • 3

    Employer-created Job Profiles
  • Make it Actionable!

    Create a Course-driven Skills Pathway

  • VoilĂ , Bona fide Employer-driven, Job-connected, Actionable Pathway!

    Research affirms that employers:

    • appreciate when community colleges come to their locations and respect their time.
    • want industry-savvy college staff to reach out to them.
    • want to engage with the college before education and training programs are fully developed.

    Research that Guides Us