For Employers

Capture Knowledge; Train & Retain Talent

Turbine enables employers of all sizes to scale effective employee learning and skill development, and sustain it long-term for optimal business impact and as effective talent retention strategies.

Employers invest tremendous time and resources to build a modern, productive workforce. Employers can integrate Turbine with immediate impact no matter where that employer is on the L&D Continuum.

Capture Workforce Knowledge & Intangible IP

All employers can better capture the unique workplace know-how, processes and protocols and employee expertise that develops. The knowledge capture strategy provides scope with clear objectives and retains valuable intellectual property.

Align to Current & Future Skill Needs

Starting with a capture strategy results in capacity building and enables employers to quickly align training to drive in-demand and critical job skills.

To Close Skill Gaps, Nearly 50% of Companies Are Spending More on Upskilling Employees in 2022. 1

Drive Talent Retention

Savvy employers recognize skills and talent development as a lower-cost skill acquisition strategy by retaining talent. Employees appreciate that employees value upskilling.

71% of CEOs anticipate the skills and labor shortage will be 2022’s biggest business disruptor. 2

Well-defined, clearly communicated pathways for advancement can encourage employee satisfaction and retention.
Clearly defined career paths & on-the-job skills development are job-quality elements that affect worker well-being.

Employer-directed Skills Development

  • Employer Selects to Skills, Knowledge and Credentials required to perform the job.

    Employer Saves the Profile to Your Turbine Account.
  • Employer-created Job Profiles
  • Make it Actionable!

    Create a Course-driven Skills Pathway