Workforce Development

Convene Stakeholders in One Platform. Build Capacity & Scale.

Turbine Workforce simplifies and streamlines existing and new workforce investment and development systems at all levels - local to national. A scalable scaffolding for organizational capacity is deployed on day one, and a suite of WIOA-driven micro-apps and features are available to simplify and automate administrative functions that often consume staff time and energy at cost to scaling impact and participation.

Turbine features ensure alignment with regional employers so to affirm that programs develop skills that meet job requirements and hiring needs of regional industries and specific employers.
Specialized Reporting enables real-time evaluations of skills gains, user performance and opportunities for intervention and support. Turbine captures user and program performance in real-time, and correlates to WIOA Data Elements for easier, faster deployment, evaluation, intervention and duplication. Out of the box reporting addresses measurable skill gains, assessments against industry and employer-specific competency models, skill progressions, personalized skill mobility maps, crosswalks, and user and community outcomes.
Turbine makes skill and career pathways actionable by connecting employer-created job profiles directly to and curated courses groups. Course groups can serve as Related Technical Instruction for Apprenticeships.
There is an abundance of great, effective workforce development resources available but on whole most are disparate and unconnected. By convening stakeholders in one platform, Turbine optimizes existing resources, reduces redundancies and systematizes efficiencies and connects to jobs better than any other tech solution or hodgepodge of tools.
Turbine bridges the gaps that exist in work-based learning and on-the-job training and is able to manage online and hands-on skills development by facilitating active employer involvement in design of job and occupation profiles, curation of actionable pathways and recognition of skills gain.
Turbine integrates U.S. Department of Labor developer APIs, O*Net codes, and DOL classifications, so job profiles, competencies, outcomes and reporting uses DOL codification. This means your WIOA reporting is automated, requires less work and saves time.
Industry 4.0 Pre-Apprenticeship
GACC Pre-Apprenticeship Program Turbine Workforce

The German-American Chamber of Commerce and Turbine Workforce have convened a consortium of employers, community colleges and career & technical centers to skill more people in the Greater Pittsburgh Region with a range job-ready tech skills.

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