Powerful Tech for Apprenticeships & Workforce Talent Pipelines
Simplify. Manage. Scale. Replicate.
Turbine Workforce is a modernized tech stack
powering specialized applications

TurbineLMS is a powerful system for actionable upskilling, assessment and connecting RTI to OJT and occupation competencies.


Apprentage is a complete platform to simplify, manage and scale employer-based training programs and registered apprenticeships.


Voice-driven and LLM-powered OJT logbook for apprenticeship compliance and give employers unprecedented visibility into OJT.

Unlock your company's or apprenticeship's knowledge base with our pre-trained LLM suite - comprised of Llamba 2-7b, Huggingface Transformers, GPT 3.5 Turbo & GPT-4 0613. Upload your documents or use S3 or your API.

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Turbine has brought our [Registered Apprenticeships] programs to the next level.

Rachel Mauer, President, German American Chamber of Commerce, Pittsburgh chapter

[That other LMS] requires tight integration with our SIS, and Workforce students typically enroll days before or on the day class begins. This friction caused to us to leave enrollments on the table. With Turbine, we saw a significant boost in rates of enrollment, completion and CEUs earned.

Dr. Justin Starr PhD, Professor of Advanced Technologies, Community College of Allegheny County

All our roles require basic tech skills, and many use AutoCAD, REVIT, and finite-element analysis tools. Turbine allows us to realize the gains from our talent investments, and reinvest with precision.

Jamison Morse, Principal, PVE

VELA is a game changer.

Steve Kane, Executive Director, SpaceTEC
made from scratch 👩‍🍳
with a dash 🧂 of AI 🤖
Upskilling for Everyone
We work hard that everyone can use Turbine Workforce. We follow federal guidance on accessibility, universal design and revised 508 Standards. Please let us know where we can do better.