Features that Build Workforces

Pathway Features

Share or Save Job Profiles

Pathways start with clearly articulated, skills-driven job profiles.

Career Pathways Mapping

LMS Admin Features

Hosted Course Dashboard

The hosted course dashboard delivers a noticeably high-end user experience. Whether running a free webinar, employee upskilling or a certificate course, all users get a clean display of top-line info, key links and resources, important updates and a clear entry point into the curriculum.

Class Dashboard

Enhanced Attendance

Enhanced Attendance seriously reduces workload and make scalable growth possible. Attendance can be fully automated or driven by user check-ins at customizable time intervals to meet proctored course requirements. Enhanced Attendance is central to scaling up cohorts and a revenue-generating certificate program.


Live Stream Link Manager

Easily manage your webinar link for your platform of choice with an alert and button on the course dashboard. No more emailing out changed online meeting links and eliminate the "do I have the correct Zoom link?" query.

Works with all online meeting tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Join.me, Webex, GoToMeeting & more.

Cohorts & Timestamped Check-ins

Users can be trained in cohorts for a small class experience, and providing scalability and flexibility as to how trainings are administered and reported.

skills reporting

Skills Reports

Metrics on the skills delivered and gained through a custom course are tracked progressively. This is a powerful feature that aligns with state and WIOA reporting.

skills reporting

Skills Difficulty Score

Each skill is not always valued equally. A Skills Difficulty Score is assigned to each Skill and can be surfaced in custom performance metrics, grading or in our upskilling indicies that are coming soon.

Custom Course Creation

Create custom courses easily & quickly.

Users Permissions

Users or content can be accessed or viewed by groups with permission. Permissioned Groups enables dynamic engagement and content monetization by subscription and memberships.


Challenge Engine

The Challenge Engine enables deeper measurements than quizzes and requires instructor review and approval to unlock subsequent materials. It is fully-customizable to meet your organization's grading metrics, measure learning effectiveness and set pace.


Quiz Engine

Optimize the Quiz Engine to insert multiple-choice questions or end lessons with quizzes. Each question can be weighted and quizzes are scored immediately upon submission.

quiz engine

Certificate Features

Course CEU Settings

Easily set up how CEUs are earned for each course, self-proctor/check-in intervals and monitor CEU accrual progress.

CEU Settings

User Generated Certificate and CEU Statements

The administrative burden to generate and retrieve a user's statement of Continuing Education Units or certificate is fully automated, on-demand and off-loaded to the user. Admins and users both welcome this automation that saves time, eliminates clerical errors and produces a timestamped attendance audit.

Monetization Features

In-platform Promotion & Sales

Soft promote relevant or subsequent course products based on their enrollments or training track.