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Capture in-house knowledge, optimize skills development and scale achievement for everyone.

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  • Capture in-house knowledge and process IP, and scale across the workforce.
  • Run custom trainings or third-party trainings seamlessly in one platform.
  • Generate actionable training plans from O*NET occupation profiles & skills.
  • Optimize training reimbursements, grants & tax credits.

Community Colleges

  • Treat Professional Development/CE learners as life-long customers, not one class one-offs.
  • Grow Professional Development revenues while reducing admin workload.
  • Give PD/CE managers, instructors & non-credit students an entirely better online learning experience.
  • Automate everything: attendance, CEU tracking, certificates, user check-ins & proctoring.

Workforce Development

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  • Make everything easier for employers: automate admin, compliance & reporting and boost renewal rate.
  • Engage employers with clear training plan from O*NET Occupation profile & SOC codes.
  • Automation for Job Books & tracking OTJ & RTI hours & performance.
  • Integrate case management, job placement & career support services.

Enhanced Webinars

  • Enhance traditional webinars with a smoother, better user experience.
  • Provide an awesome event landing page that is a rich repo of resources post-event.
  • Automate attendance and seamlessly convert webinar attendees into customers.

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    Into Action

    • We will crowdsource regional & online trainings, negotiate the lowest cost.
    • Optimize state & fed reimbursements, tax credits.
    • Automate Job Books & Related Technical Instruction.
      Professional Development:
    • Optimize PD offerings to meet employer demand.
    • Embed this tool on website and create training pathway of your PD programs for job seekers.
      Workforce Pros & LWDBs:
    • Embed this tool on LWDB website.
    • Engage & Boost employer engagement & renewal rates.


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