Predictable & Scalable Pricing

Turbine Workforce has two pricing options to align with your user relationship:
Enterprise if users are employees. Community if users are customers.
Are you Upskilling
Employees or Customers?

We chose pay-for-use and pay-for-data-stored. This way, you don't pay for low-activity users.

Choose Customers if you provide free webinars or generate revenue from courses. Choose Enterprise for anything HR or employee related.

Enterprise scales employee development with reporting tools for insights, measure effectiveness, and employee performance tracking.

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Turbine Community handles the most time-consuming functions to make easy growing users, revenues and recording local delivery.

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Turbine Community

Integrate your current webinar tools or LMS or just use Turbine out of the box.

Time-Saver Tools

Live Stream Link Manager Add your live stream URL into an easy-to-see button on your hosted event page.

Attendance Automation Collect accurate event attendance when you run Turbine Registrations.

Value-add Tools

Hosted Course Page Send customers to a landing page with top-line event info, topic agenda, registration or enrollment.

Hosted Catalog Run more than one event and activate a hosted catalog page of all your events.

Course Cohorts Deliver trainings simultaneously with user cohorts proceeding through training at different rates or dates.

Virtual Proctor

Timestamp check-ins at custom intervals simulate a proctored experience and produce a detailed audit record.

Course Builder

Use the Turbine LMS to build out rigorous course modules.

Create a dynamic learning experience with Turbine Challenges (human-reviewed assignments) and Quizzes.

Content Flow: Set topic & course prerequisites


Standardize how resources are shared internally and externally.

Dynamic Groups Use Groups for dynamic functionality re: hosted catalog design, user permissions and marketing.

Optional AWS integration available.
Certificates & Memberships

Issue Certificates based on attendance-based credit units or curriculum completion.

Scale up a Certificates business without the administrative burden.

Run a Membership program (with hosted billing) out of the box.

Configure Turbine Community to meet your engagement strategy every time.


Deliver synchronous trainings or presentations easier with user registration, Live Stream link management and attendance tools.
Features include
  • Hosted course page for your web event that display well on all screen sizes.
  • Attendance
  • Live Stream link management


Deliver asynchronous or synchronous trainings with a fully hosted LMS. Use assessments to accept answers to Challenges for human review or create quizzes which automatically grade against a rubric.
Features include
  • Assessment Engine
  • Hosted Learning Management System
  • Enhanced Attendance
  • Live Stream Link Management
  • Virtual Proctor
$14 /enrollment
An enrollment is when a user is added to a course module

PD Automation - CEU Tracking & Custom Certificate

Deliver a course to multiple user cohorts simultaneously and issue certificates or credit units based on attendance or course completion. Cut the administrative burden by allowing users to download their CEU statement at anytime or certificate.
Features include
  • All features & pricing presented above
  • CEU Tracking
  • Custom Certificates
  • Branded Training Pathways Tool
  • Complete White Label
  • 2 Monetization Strategy Consultsbonus
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Pre-billing enrollment queue (take payment but queue up customers before you pay us for enrollments; issue refunds if you don't run the class.)

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Enterprise features include

Upskill Modules

Hosted LMS with Challenges (human-reviewed) and Quizzes (auto-reviewed). Verify employees digest content in specific order.

Full white-label available.
User Groups

Organize teams across your organization and surface them in a Directory for quick access to contact information.


Standardize how resources are shared internally and externally.

How many
employees need access?

Enterprise is for ... employees is $.../seat.

Total: $... per month, billed annually.
Prices exclude applicable taxes.
  • Minimum 12 user seats
  • user seats 13-50 | $21 per
  • user seats 51+ | $17 per

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