For Registered Apprenticeship Sponsors

Apprenticeships Simplified

Employer Onboarding

Apprentage seriously reduces workload and makes growth possible. Employers are relieved of the cumbersome registration process and documentation required to participate.

Apprentice Onboarding

Apprentage's apprentice onboarding is designed to simplify the entire registration pipeline for sponsor's admin staff. The apprentice enters their information once and all necessary documents are generated automatically, and exported in a RAPIDS-ready format.

Apprentage boasts a range of features designed to tackle the common concerns faced by apprenticeship sponsors.

  1. Streamlined Administration: Apprentage offers tools for easy program management, minimizing administrative tasks and reducing staff burnout. This feature simplifies the complex processes involved in running an apprenticeship program.

  2. Automated Onboarding and Document Management: Apprentage modernizes and automates the onboarding process, executing agreements and managing documents, and reporting. This automation saves time and resources, freeing staff to focus on other crucial aspects of the apprenticeship program.

  3. Industry Frameworks and Best Practices: Apprentage allows the deployment of apprenticeships using industry-specific frameworks and best practices. This ensures a high-quality education for the apprentices and eases the burden of program design.

  4. Compliance Assurance: Apprentage’s software ensures compliance, eliminating concerns about legal and industry standards’ adherence and offering peace of mind to both sponsors and employers.

  5. Scalability: Apprentage allows for the scaling of apprenticeships without increasing staff workload, making it easy to expand programs as needed.

  6. Employer Confidence: Apprentage provides direct visibility into on-the-job tasks, hours, and the skills developed as a result. This feature builds employer confidence that a return on their workforce investment is being realized.

  7. Talent Retention: It is proven that apprentices stay employed at the same company for more than three years longer than non-apprentices. Apprentage helps retain top talent and reduces employee turnover.

In summary, Apprentage offers a comprehensive solution for overcoming the common obstacles faced by apprenticeship sponsors. By easing the administrative burden, ensuring compliance, and facilitating program expansion, Apprentage makes it both easier and more attractive for employers to participate in apprenticeship programs.