Custom Solutions

Our Custom Solutions group offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to revolutionize how organizations manage knowledge, develop their workforce, and streamline continuing education and workforce development programs. Our Knowledge Management System centralizes and simplifies access to a wide range of file types, promoting seamless collaboration and eliminating information silos with features like secure sharing, version tracking, and content editing. Complementing this, our Active Metadata Management and Retrieval Augmented Generation services provide dynamic metadata processing and advanced information retrieval capabilities, delivering actionable insights and enhancing team collaboration and project outcomes. Additionally, our Custom Workforce Development Solutions are tailored to support diverse education programs, from professional certifications to personal enrichment, with streamlined administrative processes. Meanwhile, our Workforce Expertise Capture & Development leverages a robust LMS to foster professional growth, ensuring the efficient dissemination and retention of specialized knowledge within the organization. Together, these solutions form a cohesive strategy to empower organizations with the tools they need for effective knowledge management and workforce development.

Turbine Custom Solutions Overview

Knowledge Management System The Knowledge Management System by Turbine revolutionizes how organizations manage and share knowledge. It centralizes the storage of diverse file types — from documents to multimedia — ensuring seamless access and collaboration. Key features include easy retrieval, secure sharing, version tracking, access control, and content editing, effectively eliminating information silos.

Active Labeling & Metadata Management Our Active Metadata Management service dynamically processes and provides continuous access to metadata, catering to various maturity levels and use cases. It delivers actionable insights and analytics-driven recommendations, streamlining decision-making and enhancing project design and operational efficiency.

Retrieval Augmented Generation for Knowledge Bases Turbine offers services to construct accessible Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) environments, empowering teams with advanced search and information retrieval capabilities. This innovative approach leverages the collective knowledge base, enhancing team collaboration and project outcomes through efficient data access and utilization.

Custom Workforce Development Solutions Our Custom Workforce Development Solutions support the administration of continuing education and workforce development programs. Designed for flexibility, these solutions manage a wide range of programs — from personal enrichment to professional certifications. Features include streamlined registration, enrollment, and payment processes, specifically tailored for nontraditional education schedules and administrative requirements, focusing on the efficient management of student records and program logistics.

Workforce Expertise Capture & Development Turbine enhances organizational learning and expertise capture through a robust Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning & Development platform. This solution facilitates the efficient acquisition, storage, and dissemination of specialized knowledge within an organization, using advanced tracking and interactive learning tools to foster professional growth and expertise retention.