Our Story

We began building Turbine Workforce in early 2018 to deliver our learn-to-code classes in Pittsburgh.

We recognized quickly we would need a powerful browser-based platform that enabled in-person and online instruction and continued the learning experience outside of class. And allowed us to scale to multiple cities and manage the exponential growth of students, instructors, partners and franchise operators.

We built by hand Turbine to power all aspects of organizational growth and to simplfy the inherent complexity.

Turbine Workforce is powerful workforce equity optimization platform - features and functionality that drive skills development is just one of the many ways to use Turbine.

Use Turbine Workforce if you run:

  • employee reskilling or new skills development;
  • professional development or continuing education;
  • certificate programs or bootcamps;
  • OEM trainings, licensing, compliance and "train the trainer" programs;
  • Registered apprenticeships & pre-apprenticeships;
  • Custom trainings specific to your organization's culture, workflow or 'secret sauce'.
  • Or if you want to launch a courses portolio or online academy out-of-the-box

~Josh & Alan, co-founders