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Turbine Enterprise offers a comprehensive platform for corporate knowledge management and employee development. It goes beyond traditional learning management systems by providing features like customizable retrieval systems, personalized software strategies, and integrations with various learning tools. This allows companies to streamline processes, focus on strategic activities like mentoring and skill evaluation, and ensure best practices through workflows for tracking, reporting, and data analysis. The platform also emphasizes capturing and leveraging employee expertise, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.


Unified Employee Portal

  • Employees enter a branded portal for real-time company news & upskilling
  • Connect other Apps like Payroll & Time Tracking

Digital logbook to track tasks & time towards competency.

  • Employees log their tasks & time for trainers/mentors to approve
  • Employers identify employee skills gaps in real-time
  • The logbook is an integration with VELA - voice-enabled AI-powered logbook application (powered by Turbine)

Take Action to Close Skill Gaps

  • Take control of OJT and in-house L&D and deliver instruction to the individual.

Actionable pathways

  • Create clear actionable job-specific pathways
  • Communicate with clarity the classes and skills employees need to increase income and opportunity
  • Make accessible and embed into any webpage or email clear

Turbine Enterprise is designed to revolutionize corporate knowledge management and employee development for employers. Our solution offers tailored knowledge retrieval systems, custom API builds, and a personalized software strategy to meet the unique needs of your organization. With Turbine Enterprise, you can streamline your processes, enhance management efficiency, and focus on specialized activities such as mentoring, content delivery, and skill evaluation. Experience systemized workflows and processes that integrate predefined workflows for tracking, reporting, compliance, and data analysis, ensuring the best practices in corporate learning management.

Innovative enterprise knowledge management platform on the Turbine Enterprise website, seamlessly integrating various learning management tools to capture and leverage workforce expertise effectively. Emphasizing Work-based Learning principles and proven success models, this platform facilitates seamless knowledge transfer and skill development within the organization. It streamlines corporate learning and development processes with structured yet adaptable frameworks tailored to specific training requirements. Users can efficiently manage routine tasks, focusing on strategic activities like mentorship, content delivery, and skill evaluation. The platform integrates systemized workflows for tracking, reporting, compliance, and data analysis, ensuring best practices in corporate learning management. With features like progress tracking, content enhancement tools, compliance support, and collaboration facilitation, this platform promotes effective knowledge management and employee development, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth within the organization.

Moreover, the enterprise knowledge management platform is designed to efficiently capture and utilize workforce expertise. The core learning management system (LMS) offers a structured yet flexible framework customized to corporate training needs. Enhancing management efficiency by automating routine tasks, it enables users to focus on specialized activities such as mentoring and skill evaluation. Systemized workflows ensure best practices in corporate learning management, providing tools for developing and customizing educational content, tracking progress, and ensuring compliance. Encouraging collaboration, facilitating data analysis for strategic decisions, and tailoring learning programs to align with business objectives, the platform streamlines administration, creates tailored training content, and fosters effective collaboration for professional growth. Leveraging technology, this platform delivers a functional and intelligent solution for corporate learning management, enhancing employee learning experiences with tailored training modules and intelligent solutions.

In conclusion, the deep integration of Learning Management Systems (LMS) within this knowledge management platform is crucial to meet the evolving needs of the changing landscape of future workforces. Seamlessly incorporating LMS functionalities and leveraging workforce expertise, organizations can effectively adapt to the challenges of tomorrow, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation. This platform is poised to revolutionize knowledge management for future workforces, ensuring organizations stay ahead in a dynamic and competitive business environment.

Active Metadata Management Revolutionized: Turbine's Innovative Approach

Turbine introduces a groundbreaking system that redefines metadata management for modern businesses and future workforces. Through its Active Metadata Management service, Turbine offers a unique approach that meets the evolving needs of organizations. This innovative system encompasses core functionalities such as Learning Management System (LMS), apprenticeship logbook tracking, and LLM integrations, creating an employee-driven, production-scale data labeling system.

Key Platform Features:

  1. Learning Management System (LMS): Turbine's LMS functionality enables seamless training and skill development for employees, enhancing their knowledge and expertise in metadata management.

  2. Apprenticeship Logbook Tracking: The logbook tracking feature allows users to monitor and track their progress, ensuring accountability and continuous improvement in metadata handling.

  3. LLM Integrations: Integration with LLM systems enhances the overall metadata management process, providing a comprehensive solution for data labeling and analysis.

Objective of Total Knowledge Machine Readability: Turbine aims to achieve total knowledge machine readability, where data is structured and labeled in a way that machines can easily interpret and utilize it for various applications. This objective ensures efficiency, accuracy, and scalability in metadata management processes.

User Usage Patterns:

  • Data Labelers: Data labelers leverage Turbine's production-scale data labeling system to efficiently categorize and annotate metadata, contributing to the creation of machine-readable knowledge.

  • Managers: Managers utilize the platform to track employee progress, monitor metadata management activities, and make informed decisions based on actionable insights derived from metadata analytics.

Well-defined, clearly communicated pathways for advancement can encourage employee satisfaction and retention.

How Clear Career Paths Strengthen Retention—and Diversity, Bain & Company, August 2021

Clearly defined career paths & on-the-job skills development are job-quality elements that affect worker well-being.

How Do We Define “Good Jobs,” and How Do They Affect Worker Well-Being?, WorkRise, February 2021

  • In 2016, DOL commissioned an evaluation of the AAI grants to build evidence about the effectiveness of registered apprenticeship for apprentices and employers. The AAI evaluation includes four sub-studies. This report presents results from the employer return-on-investment (ROI) sub-study. The key finding is two-thirds of employers interviewed for the study at least recoup their apprenticeship investments, and that the median return on investment is $1.44, or $144 for every $100 invested.
  • After wages and benefits, employer costs associated with an apprenticeship include costs related to registering the program, purchasing or hiring the RTI (related technical instruction), reduced productivity of experienced staff while they are mentoring or training the apprentice, and time and capacity of understanding the arcane requirements, completing paperwork, ensuring ongoing compliance, and reporting.