Actionable Upskilling & Career Pathways

A career pathway is only as good as the jobs at the end of it.

Build Power Pathways that are Actionable & Employer-linked!

Create Job Profiles

Everything starts with a clear, employer-driven job profile. Workers increasingly expect employers to give clarity to skill requirements and actionable upskilling pathways within the company.

Job Profile

Actionable Mobility Pathways

All workers want clarity, and savvy employers are clear about one's income and career pathway at the company. Turbine makes employer-curated mobility pathways actionable. Savvy employers use clear mobility pathways to retain top talent.

Actionable Career Pathway

Actionable Upskilling

Turbine has an awesome LMS application for fast action on trainings and courses. The LMS inherently delivers a level of rigor that affirms skills gains, progressions and outcomes. However, there is no requirement to use the Turbine LMS and pathways remain actionable by hyperlink.

Well-defined, clearly communicated pathways for advancement can encourage employee satisfaction and retention.
Clearly defined career paths & on-the-job skills development are job-quality elements that affect worker well-being.

Build an Actionable Pathway

1. Create a Skills-specific Job Profile
2. Assign the Relevant Courses
3. Publish as an Actionable Pathway
Job Profile Builder

Select the O*Net Occupation that is the best match.

Enter occupation keyword or O*NET-SOC code (E.g.,: CNC Operator, Nurse, 29-1141.03)
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    Select the best match for your Occupation or Job Profile.

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    Configure the Skills and Credentials for the job.

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    Put this Job Profile into Action!

    Save. Share. Embed.

    Connect skills to your courses.

    Make this Job Profile actionable!
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    Power up your Upskilling

    Customize to scale your program delivery and reporting
    Custom CredentialsRTICompetency Models OJT

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