Distributed Upskilling

Turbine Workforce is developing a technology-driven model of scalable and sustainable upskilling that we call Distributed Upskilling. The most effective and sustainable workforce development programs are multilateral and collaborative with strong stakeholders participation and buy-in (i.e., resemble a consortium model).

Our experience has shown us that those who receive the upskilling are very compelling and effective teachers and motivators to others. These individuals can provide a experienced-based, peer support from an angle that an instructor, subject matter expert, or career advisor cannot. Peer-to-peer upskilling is powerful! It makes a big difference and employers and training providers should cultivate it. But even more compelling for peer-to-peer upskilling is that it one's new skill set. This is a fundamental dynamic of the distributed upskilling framework.

This two-way flow of learning represents a distributed upskilling framework that is best cultivated with an all-in-one platform like Turbine Workforce.

We welcome discussion or collaboration on this framework.