Programming Technologies for Future Jobs

Tue. Nov 30, 2021 - by Josh Studl

Having programming and technology skills are more important than ever before. There is a huge demand for workers with a technology acumen and comfort working with tech - and of course specific programming language skills. A recent study by Burning Glass Technologies found that jobs requiring programming knowledge pay an average of $91,000 per year–almost twice as much as those without programming requirements.

Programming skills are no longer exclusively for computer programming jobs. Data visualization, data science, and machine learning programming languages have become increasingly important to many industries–even ones that didn’t exist ten years ago like Airbnb or Uber. This means programming knowledge is more critical than ever before.

There will also be programming jobs available in the future economy that we don’t even know about today. As technology and programming continue to progress, programming knowledge is becoming more and more critical as a requirement on job listings for high paying jobs like those previously mentioned.

So where does one start?

More programming languages are being introduced every day, so it is overwhelming. So, start with HTML and CSS. End of story. You’ll know when you’re ready to move around the wheel.

Take it from me: it’s never too late. I started to aggressively learn to code about five years at the ripe age of - well, in my late 30s. I know enough to work effectively with and around technology, which pretty much was my goal. And I wanted to learn for my kids, so I could give them coding challenges to earn their allowance. Today, my two-year-old son and I pair program, which is him on my lap banging away on an iPad keyboard and flaring out his arms to get fingers on my keyboard.