Save Time

Turbine saves time, period. Turbine simplifies and optimizes many administrative tasks and workflows that are part and parcel to delivering effect upskilling and stakeholder engagement. No more spreadsheets or shared folders. No more copy, paste. No more marked up PDFs.

Turbine for all of it:

Automation Features

Timestamped Attendance

Enhanced Attendance seriously reduces workload and make scalable growth possible. Attendance can be fully automated or driven by user check-ins at customizable time intervals to meet proctored course requirements. Enhanced Attendance is central to scaling up cohorts and a revenue-generating certificate program.


Certificate Features

Course CEU Settings

Easily set up how CEUs are earned for each course, self-proctor/check-in intervals and monitor CEU accrual progress.

CEU Settings

User Generated Certificate and CEU Statements

The administrative burden to generate and retrieve a user's statement of Continuing Education Units or certificate is fully automated, on-demand and off-loaded to the user. Admins and users both welcome this automation that saves time, eliminates clerical errors and produces a timestamped attendance audit.

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